MenjadorIt is situated between the Delta de l’Ebre Natural Park and Els Ports Natural Park, and next to the town of Tortosa. It is very convenient for guests who can visit at a short distance the diverse landscape of Terres de l’Ebre (the Ebro Lands). 
The Mas Daudén has been the home and the working place during seven decades for Cristóbal Daudén’s and Isabel Lamata’s family, with their three children: Jaime, Joaquín and Cristóbal. Both of them came from Aragon, the husband came from La Iglesuela del Cid and his wife from Alcorisa.
They took charge of the plot in 1945, just a year after his sister, Mariana Daudén Royo, had bought it.
The owner had a house built just for the summer, as she was living in the city of Zaragoza. That’s the house you can see when you first enter the place and it is known as “the Aunts's House”, since Mariana shared her stays with her sisters Consuelo and Teresa.
With the past of time, all the other houses have been adapted to the necessities of the family business: some farming plots and some cattle. They first owned ten milky cows to later breed some bulls.
The family no longer breed any cattle since the 1980s. Their grandchildren, current owners, have had the house restored. Nowadays it has got four rooms with a bath, central heating, a kitchen and a big waiting room with a fireplace. It has also got a lot of windows faced to the south, some big doors, and beautiful inner and outer spaces to boast the bes cottage admosphere.